The natural world plays a critical role in our unique marine experience.
We take great heed in giving back.

Marine Debris Clean-Up

Trash in our waters is a worldwide issue that’s especially noticeable in the Florida Keys. Due to our proximity to the mighty Gulf Stream, we see a plethora of “marine debris” that negatively impacts on our seabirds, marine life and water quality. At Stock Island Marina Village, we do our best to counter this littering current. On average, we collect 23 pounds of trash out of the water per day. In our world, it’s the details that matter most.

Solar Power

Here in the Sunshine State, we love the sun not only for its warm weather. The sun is also a sustainable, renewable and natural source of energy. Currently, our laundry room and business office are both powered by photo voltaic panels. Every year, we produce enough hours of electricity to power an average home for more than 2.5 years!

Keep up with our solar power efforts, as we track our results on the unique SunPower Monitoring System, a real-time report of our total kilowatt hours produced (kWh).

Rainwater Collection

The yin to our yang, we also love rain! The Keys get an average 40 inches a year, which is enough to fill our collection tank with rainwater for irrigating our Community Garden and our green grassy knoll. In a sea of blue, we appreciate our green spaces too.


Join us in our recycling efforts. For your convenience, we’ve stationed recycle bins next to every trash receptacle, at the end of each pier. Just drop your mixed glass, aluminum, paper and plastics right in the bin, and we’ll take care of the rest.